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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

ALAYETO ARCHITECTURE believes that an educated client helps the architect produce a better project, resulting in a better experience for both parties. An educated client will be a happy client because the unexpected has been removed from his path and he knows what to expect. A happy client is a repeat client, therefore, at ALAYETO ARCHITECTURE we strive to educate our clients.


Since most residential clients have never gone through the process of building their home, remodeling or expanding with an addition to their existing home, we have set up this webpage to give them a better understanding of the process. Consider it a guide of what to expect when you get involved in the building of your single family residence or the remodel or addition to your existing home.

What should I expect if I hire an architect?

For many people, remodeling a home or having an addition put in, outside of having purchased your home will be the next biggest financial undertaking of your life. Knowledge is power. Knowledge removes fear. So let’s learn what we can to remove any fears we may have in this undertaking.


You are remodeling because you have either outgrown your home, you want another look, or your lifestyle has changed and your current home no longer functions with your revised lifestyle. So, what should you expect if you hire an architect and go forward with your project?


Whether you remodel, redesign or build a custom home the design process is the same. It is broken into different design phases. Designing a building takes time and a lot of careful planning. Read more about the different phases here.