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Residential Remodeling and Additions

Residential Remodeling and Additions

What kind of problems should I expect?

To be safe, expect to run into problems in remodels or renovations of an existing residential structure, because no one knows what is behind a wall until it is uncovered and the existing conditions are examined.

How much will my remodel, addition or renovation construction cost?

Following is a small list of what drives construction prices up. You control these and you keep your costs down:


    • The type of building materials used
    • The number of floors, up is always more costly than out
    • The difficulty or complexity of the site
    • The difficulty or complexity of the design created by a restricted site
    • Building restrictions by Authorities Having Jurisdiction
    • The types and number of doors and windows
    • The types of finishes selected
    • The types of amenities installed
    • The types of equipment and fixtures selected

What does the architect expects from you?

Existing drawings are almost a requirement if you want to keep the cost down. If you provide them to the architect he will not have to charge you for redrawing your existing house from scratch by physically field measuring every wall. Sometimes this means multiple site visits to verify what has been drawn is reasonably accurate.


If existing drawings are not available, at a minimum the architect needs a survey of your property. Get a survey, if you do not have one. Hire a surveyor, it should cost you no more than a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of your property.


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